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Park Rangers to Lose Law Enforcement Credentials with New DNR Plan

In an announcement that was made at the end of November, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will unfold a reorganization plan that will remove the law enforcement privileges of park rangers. Under the new plan, the rangers will forfeit their power to arrest and carry a firearm. Read more.…

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Park Rangers and Game Wardens Crack Bison Case in Grand Teton National Park

Over a year ago, two hunters at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming spotted a peculiar scene on a nearby road. Found in the road was a large pile of intestines from a large animal, such as a bison, with tracks leading from the road to the park. Read more...

The blog post Park Rangers and Game Wa…

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Louisville Man Accused of Impersonating a Park Ranger and Shooting Arrows at Park Guests


Recently, Brian Elliot, 37, was accused of confronting visitors at a local park with a bow and arrow, all while pretending to be a Park Ranger. Elliot is being charged with menacing and impersonating a park ranger.

One of those confronted by Elliot was Meghan Simpson, who stated that he ke…

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